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Team GB

Tap Attack, under the leadership of Jo Scanlan, is proud to manage the national tap dance team. The team has competed at the annual International Dance Organisation (IDO) World Tap Dance Championships since 2008 and in recent years have also attended the IDO European Tap Dance Championships with great success.

With over 30 countries and approximately 2000 competitors attending the World Championships every year the competition is fierce, but with 38 world titles to date as well as numerous other podium places and European titles, Team GB have grown from strength to strength. . . . Auditions are held annually in the summer term and competition for the limited number of places is acute. In order to maintain GB’s record of success the process is rigorous, but we hope enjoyable, and successful dancers can expect to enjoy an unforgettable experience. We treat our team as any other professional athletes and engage the services of a team doctor, a sports psychologist, professional choreographers and experienced coaches. The training is intense but the benefits are plentiful: team members can expect the privilege of working with world renowned choreographers, international travel, huge improvements in technique and artistry, meeting like-minded dancers from all over the world and forging lifelong bonds with team mates.

We are immensely proud of our dancers and have great pleasure in sharing some of our World Title winning performances in the GB Hall of Fame


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