Terms & Conditions of auditions

Terms and conditions

(1) Tap Attack reserves the right to use their photos and videos for advertising and publicity purposes.

(2) Tap Attack will not be held responsible for any claims to damages or injuries of any kind resulting from activities from auditions.

(3) No refund of registration fee can be given unless for medical reasons of which documentation is required.

(4) Regretfully Tap Attack is not able to enter into any further correspondence be it by letter, telephone or email as to our final decision.

(5) Dancers are responsible for getting authorisation from current dance teacher if required to do so.

(6) Results will be sent via email and dancers will be notified of the results regardless of the outcome. Privacy Notice for Auditions -

Tap Attack hold your name, DOB, email address and contact numbers for your participation in the audition and any emergencies that may occur. Your information will not be passed onto and third parties and will be deleted at the completion of the audition or if successful gaining a place when the dancer leaves. You have the option to change any information you believe to be incorrect. You also have the right to be forgotten: in this case it also means that you may forfeit your place in the associates or company due to Tap Attack needing to be able to contact dancers with information regarding training. By completing the booking for the audition you are consenting to us having your information.