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Hall of Champions

Since competing at the IDO World Tap Championships in 2008, the Tap Attack England Tap Team have been crowned World Champions on no fewer than 29 separate occasions to date. It took us until 2010 to win our first World Title and since then there has been no stopping us, with our most successful year being 2017 when we won an incredible 8 World Titles.

Junior Small Group 2010

Our first ever World Title was won by our Junior Small Group in 2010.

Being our first, this World Title will always have a very special place in Tap Attack's history and our hearts.

Dancers: Zac, Sarah, Kate, Sophie, Jamie, Kirsty and Amanda

Choreography: Jo Scanlan

Adult Duets 2010

Having waited 3 years for our first World Title, we only had to wait another 24 hours for our second.

This time in the Adult Duet category where the two boys not only danced fantastically, but they thoroughly entertained the thousands of spectators in the audience,.

Dancers: Jack & Keith

Choreography: Jack Evans

Junior Male Solo 2011

Matt won our first ever solo World Title, in the junior category in 2011.

Competing in his first ever World Championships, this young man gave a captivating performance earning top marks from 6 out of 7 of the judges.

Dancer: Matt

Choreography: James Doubtfire

Children's Male Solo 2013

Kai was our first ever competitor in the Children's category, and went on to be crowned World Champion in 2013.

Setting the tone for the England Team in that year's competition, we went on to win a further 5 World Titles, our youngest ever World Champion, Kai, wowed the judges and spectators alike.

Dancer: Kai

Choreography: James Doubtfire

Junior Male Solo 2013

Matt was the first Enlgand tap dancer to reclaim a World Title won by England when he was crowned Junior Male World Champion in 2013.

Competing in his first ever World Championships, he went on to add two further titles in the Junior finals and one in the Adult finals making four in total.

Dancer: Matt

Choreography: James Doubtfire

Junior Duets 2013

Matt and his duet partner, Josh won our first ever junior duet World Title, in 2013.

Great friends on and off the stage, their friendship blossomed into a wonderful performance to see them crowned World Champions.

Dancer: Matt & Josh

Choreography: James Doubtfire

Junior Small Groups 2013

Reclaiming the first ever World Title we won in 2010 was a very special moment for everyone associated with the Tap Attack England Team.

This small group of junior dancers where every bit as good as the 2010 winners gaining top marks from 5 of the 7 judges.

Dancers: Matt, Josh, Kai, Olivia, Kamira, Jade and Olivia

Choreography: Jo Scanlan

Adult Small Group 2013

Having won two previous World Title in the Junior Small group category, our first ever Adult Small Group Title came in 2013... and it was well worth the wait.

Gaining an unprecedented clean sweep of top marks from the judges, this all male number had the whole arena on their feet not just once, but twice.

Dancers: Matt, Michael, Charlie, Jordan and Owen

Choreography: James Doubtfire

Adult Formation 2013

Our first ever formation World Title came in 2013, with 24 members of our company involved in the zombie inspired "Freaks", which earned top marks from 6 of the 7 judges.

Dancers: Matt, Michael, Charlie, Jordan, Owen, Sam, Matt, Adina, Ellen, Jamie, Ellie, Sophie, Kate, Zoe, Sophia, Victoria, Gina, Ellie, Chloe, Hannah, Rosie, Amie

Choreography: Jo Scanlan, James Doubtfire and Jack Evans



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